Free luggage wrapping for Melbourne Airport Travellers

August 17, 2015

Until December 2015 Jetport Airport Paring Melbourne are offering free luggage wrap to all our customers.


There are many reasons people want to secure their luggage in plastic wrap, including luggage protection, theft, prevention of unwanted items being inserted into the luggage or just general peace of mind knowing that your expensive luggage is being looked after.


Wrap and protect:


Golf Clubs
Baby Seats



As people are now aware, opening zips on luggage is very easy and locks add no deterent for zip picking! By taking advantage of our added service you can relax and start enjoying your trip from the moment you drop your car off at Jetport. Don't risk damage to your beautiful and expensive luggage or items, on check in at Jetport Airport Parking please ask our friendly staff to take advantage of this added service. 



Park + Fly + Drive ( home in a sparkling clean car!)

March 27, 2015

Park + Fly + Drive ( home in a sparkling clean car!)


Never has the old (if not a little unsavoury) saying "killing two birds with the one stone" been more apt.


The car cleaning crew at Jetport Airport Parking are professionals who take enormous pride in their work. Whether you have requested a simple wash and chamois, or a full mini detail of your car, you can rest assured that on your return to Melbourne, your vechicle will look great.


Starting from as little $20 your car will be "Hand Washed" and Chamois Dryed. Who doesn't like coming home to a clean car!




Getting Your Car Serviced While You're Away Just Makes Sense

March 19, 2015

Getting Your Car Serviced While You're Away Just Makes Sense


Being without your car for the day is annoying enough, but add having to get family, friends or workmates to pick you up and drop you back at the mechanics, or even worse, catch public transport or taxi's is just plain awful.


Whe the team here at Jetport Airport Parking decided to create their brand new super airport parking facility to cater for the needs of our customers flying out of Tullamarine, we came to the decision to solve this problem once and for all.


Jetport now offers all our valued customers the ability to have their car logbook serviced with us while they are away. All our mechanics are highly qualified accredited tradesman who can perform your next logbook service at rates that leave most dealers blushing.


Our logbook services start from as little as $200 and we guarantee you will love the quality of our work and the convenience of having your car serviced when you don't need the car!


Get your car professionally serviced at Jetport Airport Parking the next time you fly.

Jetport Parking Melbourne adds great cafe to new premises

March 19, 2015

Don't pay those ridiculous prices at Melbourne Airport for average coffee and expensive food.


Jetport Airport Parking has it's very own cafe serving excellent coffee and tea at normal cafe prices. Grab a cup before you board the shuttle to the airport or grab one for the trip home!.

Our Getaway Cafe also has a wonderful range of fresh sandwiches, rolls and pastries also at normal cafe prices. Meeting up with collegues before you fly? Why not arrange to meet at Jetport Parking when dropping off your cars, catch up for a quick bite and a hot brew and start your business trip off stress free.

With free wifi and a comfortable business lounge you will be productive right from the get go.